About us

In 1988 Milan Dor and Danny Krausz founded DOR FILM Productions Ltd. with the aim of creating an innovative production studio for young Austrian directors.

Many years of experience on the part of both founders - on the one hand in scriptwriting and directing and on the other hand in production - were an ideal background for DOR FILM's successful development into one of the leading feature film production studios in Austria.

Persistence in nurturing international contacts has been rewarded by several successful co-productions which have brought DOR FILM recognition abroad.

The feature film production division, with many directors' first movies, involves risks, and over the years DOR has supplemented its activity with television production. Today this division commands equal importance in company policy.

Meanwhile DOR FILM consists of a 20-person team which for several years has continued to pursue a common goal: to provide full support to our creative partners, not only for production, but also for project development and marketing of your film, as well as backing at international festivals.

In 1995 Milan Dor retired as general manager but he continues to be responsible for material development and film dramaturgy. At the same time Kurt Stocker joined the company and has assumed the position of second manager next to Danny Krausz ever since. In addition he is in charge of the television production division.

In 1996  ZAP, a postproduction enterprise, was set up. The studio is equipped with 6 spacious AVID-suites as well as with a sound and recording studio. Voice-recording, dubbing and sound mix can all be performed with the AVID audiovision system.

In 1998, Danny Krausz founded DOR FILM-WEST GmbH in Munich. Together with this company, new projects are being developed.

"Without starting capital but with a lot of energy and passion, we started our first projects in 1988. Directors who produced their first films with us are now embarking on their second and third projects with us. Naturally, their budgets have increased, but we also feel that the quality and the competitiveness of our films have profited as well. At the same time, we are also carrying out more projects with established directors.

Of course we realize that we have to invest constantly in talents as well as in infrastructure and what we have to offer. In 1996 we founded ZAP (Center for Audiovisual Postproduction) in cooperation with partners from the film branch.

Our dedicated team and the trust we have built with film makers are our greatest assets. The success we have achieved with movie audiences assures us that we are on the right track and makes us optimistic about the future and our continued activity in the international film scene."

Danny Krausz